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SubjectPoints about Subject of Love Letters We Have to Care

 From now on, let's summarize the important content. I wrote down the points that I should keep in mind to communicate in an easy-to-understand manner, referring to the grammar. We also take into account the results of the survey conducted in the previous section, so if you haven't seen it yet, please check it first.

Write “I love you” First

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 As can be said in the essay, the first one that shows the point of landing of the essay is more depressing. One of the reasons is that you get confused with sentences that you don't know how to fall. If there is a conclusion at the beginning, it will be easier for the reader to understand what the topic is situation. People tend to remember the information they receive when they don't know much more than later, so the first story they hear is easier to remember. (In psychology, it is called the "initial effect.")
 In this way, there is a reason why communicating the conclusion first is more persuasive. This is the reason why the PREP method (conclusion → reason → concrete example → conclusion ,such a development method) is cited as the sentence composition commonly used in business situations.
 It's the same with love letters. No matter how much a letter is from someone who likes you, tedious sentences tire readers out. By writing the conclusion first, you can predict the rough flow of the sentence and also remember the throbbing of your heart when you receive the letter. The other person may be excited with anticipation while reading. I recommend that you write "I like you" at the beginning to make it easy to read and to effectively convey your thoughts.

Recommended for Short Sentences

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 How long is suitable for a love letter? The answer will vary from person to person, and you should focus more on the feelings contained in the content than on the quantity. However, long sentences are a little too difficult for beginners. It is extremely difficult to organize long sentences beautifully and easily. Some of you may not be good at writing long sentences. First of all,even if it is short, you should think that it is easy to read, and that your feelings are conveyed to the other person. When you put yourself in the other person's position and take into consideration the ease of reading and communication, the other person reads it easily. In addition, if a sentence is short, it takes less time to read it once, so readers can read it more often than a long letter even in the same period.

Using Honorifics

 Letters have a slightly different and formal atmosphere, so to speak, they are extraordinary. It's not a good idea to adopt a friendly tone like everyday life in that writing. In addition, speaking informally is not appropriate to fully express your true feelings to others. It's because it's a letter, so why don't you try using honorifics a little bit more politely (although it's a little difficult now, I think it's best to use polite words as it makes you not very formal)?

Writing No Negative Words

 This is a love letter that describes the length of your feelings for the other person. While you're writing, you'll feel as if you're mixed up with anxiety and expectations. However, it is not a good idea to show the side of anxiety. Suppose you are given a love letter.How would you feel if there were negative phrases like "I'm sorry I come to love you"? The sender is telling you affection, but don't you feel bad situation him or her? Because it seems like you're seeing their kindness as negative. It's because coming to like you seems to be a bad thing. Then, no matter how politely you write, your feelings will not be conveyed to the other person.
 Also, it has been scientifically proven that negative emotions and stress can be transmitted like yawning, even if it belongs to a stranger, and it is called "second hand stress." Negative content makes readers uncomfortable without knowing it.
 However, if you try to write something positive, you can easily end up with unnatural sentences, so you should understand that you don't write negative words.

The Reason You Came to Love Him or Her

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 A love letter suddenly passed on to you. There is written except for a sender and your name as the destination,"I love you.Please be with me."
 In this case, you may be the first to think, "Why did you come to like me?" It's also related to the PREP method mentioned above, but you have to give evidence to convince the other person and to make him or her understand correctly. And in a field of love letters, the basis for this is "the memory of the other person and the reason why you came to love him or her."
 Even if you write your opinion blindly, it looks like just an idea without any pillars to support it. At least you should write down the reason to accurately deliver your thoughts.


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