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Place to Give Love Letters

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  When you think of a place to give a love letter, most people probably think of a "shoes rack". However, if you leave it in the shoe rack, the worst that can happen is that the addressee may not notice that. In addition,some people may be a little uncomfortable with a letter that was in the same space as their outside shoes in the first place. For this reason, we don't recommend this method.
 So what do you think are the requirements for a truly optimal place? One of the most common places is the "after-school classroom" in addition to the shoe rack. In any of these places, the important thing is that there is no one there but the two of you.
 However, it is absolutely not a good idea to ask someone else (such as a mutual friend) to give it to the addressee, as it may be too much for the person who is entrusted with it, and more importantly, it may reflect badly on the person to whom it is given. It is understandable that you may feel nervous or embarrassed, but we recommend that you muster up the courage to hand it over yourself.

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Time of Day to Write Love Letters

  Is it better to write a love letter in the morning or at night?
 Studies have shown that the parasympathetic nervous system works better at night, which tends to slow down our ability to make calm decisions. In the morning, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and we are able to judge things more clearly. It is better to write in the morning to reduce the possibility of your emotions exploding. However, ideas and sparks are more likely to occur while the parasympathetic nervous system works actively.
 Ideally, you should write a rough draft at night and revise it in the morning. This way, you will be able to put together a well-structured writing still retaining the ideas that led you to it in your relaxed state at night.


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