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MeritMerit of Love Letters

 As noted in the introduction, love letters have tended to be preferred means of confession in Japan since ancient times. What is the appeal of them? In this part, we have summarized “the benefits of loveletters".

Confessing with Love Letters is in the Middle between in Person and on Social Networking Sites.

 They are not brave enough to confess in person, but they are a little reluctant to do so on social networking sites. Not a few people may feel that way. Love letters are perfect for such a person.
 You can write at easebecause giving a love letter does not need to meet the addressee. Futhermore, handwritten letters have warmth like no machine can. Love letters are a good mix of both.

Love letters can be read back later.

 When you confess in person, the pronounced words are gone soon. But, love letters will definitely stay for days and years to come. The person who is object of your love can read again and again the love letter from you.It will remind him or her of how you give it and make him or her heart flutter (As noted in “situation", we recommend giving a love letter directly). Giving a love letter eventually leads the person in your thoughts to think seriously situation the answer of your confession.

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You can take the time to write a love letter.

 It has no time limit,you can sit at your desk in your room, take your time to sort out your feelings and write a love letter. If you are at a loss for words in front of the person you have a crush on, you feel more and more ashamed and you may increasingly become no idea what to say. However, love letters can be reworked many times if you are at a loss for words. In addition,you can improve your writing.

You can include your own identity in love letters.

 Since you are going to tell your feelings, some people want to express themselves, don’t they? People who think so are suitable for confessing with love letters. Because you can imply your sensibility in various elements, of course in phraseology and in choice of words, but also such as the color or types of letter paper and pen. The person who received your love letter will know more situation you.

Love letters are classical.

 Sending love letters is a way to confess that has been used for a thousand years. Thoughts in a letter will impress the good Japanese spirit which lives on in us throughout the time. It’s a cliche to say, ,it has a good old-fashioned charm.


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