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Courage and Consideration for the Person in your Thought

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 First of all, the premise is that a love letter should be written by someone who wants to convey his or her feelings to the person he or she loves. When writing a love letter, your feelings for the person are extremely important. If you write a letter with a half-baked attitude, it will show in the content of the letter. Keep in mind that a love letter is written to tell someone, “I am seriously thinking you.”
 Also, it needs courage to give that love letter. Everyone will be nervous to tell the person their love. But you need to have the courage to take the first step. If you have that courage, your feelings will surely be conveyed to the person.

Writing Materials

 To write a love letter, of course you need writing material. What kind of writing materials are suitable? Think of formal documents. You wouldn't write with a mechanical pencil or pencil, would you? In such a case, a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen is always used. Love letters are no different. If you don't treat it as a formal and important document, it is rude not only to the person, but also to your own feelings. If you write it with a ballpoint pen or a fountain pen that you cherish from your parents or friends, it is even better than writing it with a regular ballpoint pen because you can put more thought into it.

Prepare a Rough Draft

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 As we mentioned in the Merit section, love letters can be refined. Read it over and over again, and sublimate your feelings into a more sophisticated content. It may seem elementary, but preparing a rough draft before you start writing will give your letter more weight.


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